Definitions for "Electors"
All those people entitled to vote at an election.
A body of persons appointed (sometimes ad hoc, sometimes on a long-standing basis) to select a person for certain senior offices, principally Professorships. The Vice-Chancellor, or a deputy appointed by him or her, presides. The rules of procedure resemble those for Appointments Committees, but there are certain additional provisions (e.g. that a body of Electors must meet twice in order to make an appointment).
individuals who actually vote for the president and vice president after the popular vote totals have been established in each state on Election Day in November. Presidential electors are normally prominent political figures in each state who have pledged to support a party's ticket before the election. When citizens cast their popular votes in a presidential election, they are actually voting for these individual electors. A few electors in the past have actually changed their minds when they vote in their respective state capitals in December, but this has not changed an election's outcome.
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Qualified voters in an election.