Definitions for "Fruitless"
Productive of no advantage or good effect; vain; idle; useless; unprofitable; as, a fruitless attempt; a fruitless controversy.
unproductive of success; "a fruitless search"; "futile years after her artistic peak"; "a sleeveless errand"; "a vain attempt"
The fruitless gene is a Drosophila gene that has been shown to be important in male and female sexual behavior. In particular, mutation of fru in the male can generate courtship behavior towards other males, rather than females, as would be seen in wildtype flies. It has several promoters and encodes a zinc finger motif, and is thus likely to be a transcription factor.
Lacking, or not bearing, fruit; barren; destitute of offspring; as, a fruitless tree or shrub; a fruitless marriage.