Definitions for "Heavenly"
Pertaining to, resembling, or inhabiting heaven; celestial; not earthly; as, heavenly regions; heavenly music.
relating to or inhabiting a divine heaven; "celestial beings"; "heavenly hosts"
of or relating to the sky; "celestial map"; "a heavenly body"
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By the influence or agency of heaven.
Heavenly was a 1990s twee pop band, originally forming in Oxford, England in 1989. Amelia Fletcher (vocals), Mathew Fletcher (drums; Amelia's brother), Peter Momtchiloff (guitar) and Robert Pursey (bass) had all been members of Talulah Gosh, a key member of the C86 scene which preceded the twee movement, formed in 1986.
Heavenly, a power metal band from Paris, France, were formed in 1994 by vocalist Benjamin Sotto and drummer Max Pilo. They were originally a cover band and played under the name of 'Satan's Lawyer' before evolving into a fully-fledged Helloween-influenced power metal outfit, and releasing a three track demo with new guitarist Anthony Parker. However, Parker's time with the band was to be short lived, leaving before a record deal with Noise Records was clinched.
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a constituted supernal state
Appropriate to heaven in character or happiness; perfect; pure; supremely blessed; as, a heavenly race; the heavenly, throng.
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of or belonging to heaven or god
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In a manner resembling that of heaven.