Definitions for "Imagesetting"
Imagesetting is the new word for phototypesetting. Today's imagesetters do more than just set type: they set images and graphics, as well, through PostScript, the standard for controlling laser printers. Most imagesetters were designed to be used in digital pre-press and are capable of reproducing colour photographs and graphics in great detail. The main advantage of an imagesetter over a laser printer is that they print at between 1200 and 5000 dots per inch (versus 300-600 for laser printers). Imagesetters also output directly to film, which is more stable than paper, and at much larger sizes: some imagesetters can output 20"x24" or larger.
A system that takes digital design file and produces film negatives that older processes require to make the printing plates. Sometimes this is referred to as Lino, after one of the first brands of imagesetters.
Process of creating film mechanicals from data files via an Image Setter.