Definitions for "Portland"
An old class of roses that became popular after 1800 largely because of its ability to bloom repeatedly - a rare trait among European roses at the time. Portlands present their fragrant blooms on straight stems directly atop their foliage.
a wonderful place to visit and meet new friends as well as network with your old ones
Any of a group of somewhat remontant roses bred from 'The Portland Rose, ' which is presumed to have Gallica, Autumn Damask, and perhaps China in its parentage. They are typically short and upright, have a fine Damask scent, and bloom at least twice a year. Several are nearly perfectly quartered including Rose de Rescht and Compte de Chambord. While the group was quickly overshadowed by the Bourbons, it was to be influential long after by parenting the Hybrid Perpetuals.[3
freshwater port and largest city in Oregon; located in northwestern Oregon on the Willamette River which divides the city into east and west sections; renowned for its beautiful natural setting among the mountains
largest city in Maine in the southwestern corner of the state
62 Elm Street Portland, Maine 04101-0840 207) 822-0840 or 800-400-6858 (Maine only)
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A rocky island in Dorset, on the coast of the English Channel.
Generic name given cement for general purpose concrete. First used by a 19th century developer of concrete. Named for a type of stone found in the British Islands.
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Shorthand for the Portland v. AT&T law suit or for the Mt Hood area cable authority's open access requirement.