Definitions for "Slaps"
I don't know where this started, but one of the popups in mIRC invites you to slap another user with a wet trout. Some people have said "I was in this channel, and it was quite violent! Everyone was hitting each other with fish! I didn't know what to do." Well, to allay you fears, I'll tell you that slapping people around with trout is very common on IRC and people don't mean any harm by it. If people wanted to do real damage, they'd hit you round the head with a small shark!! A lot of scripts come with their own extensive lists of slaps, ranging from the silly to the downright rude and physically impossible. They're just there for fun, so don't take offense. Conversely, don't send a rude or offensive slap to someone unless you're sure they'll take it in good humour - you could earn yourself a kick