Definitions for "Subhuti"
One of the Buddha's great historical disciples. Subhuti was a elder when he converted to the buddha's teachings, and died before the buddha did. He was renowned for his understanding of the emptiness of all things and his non-contentious demeanor and appears in the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras lecturing in the buddha's stead about the perfection of wisdom, teaching Gods and other disciples.
a student of the Buddha, who was known for his loving kindness.
Subhuti (Chinese: 須菩提 Xūpútí, from Sanskrit: su "good", bhūti "existence") was one of the Buddha Shakyamuni's Ten Major Disciples, a contemporary of such famous arhats as Sariputra, Mahakasyapa, Maudgalyayana, and Vimalakirti. He is perhaps best known as the disciple with whom the Buddha speaks when imparting the Diamond Sutra (Skt: Vajracchedika), an important teaching within the Prajnaparamita texts. This, along with the Heart Sutra (Skt: Hridaya)), is one of the most well-known sutras, among both practitioners and non-practitioners of Buddhism.