Definitions for "Vegeta"
U. × hollandica Vegeta, the Huntingdon Elm, is an old English cultivar raised at Brampton, near Huntingdon by nurserymen Wood & Ingram in 1746, allegedly from seed collected from an Ulmus × hollandica hybrid at nearby Hinchingbrooke Park. The tree was often confused by nineteenth century writers with the Chichester Elm, a very similar cultivar raised earlier in the 18th century.
The Chichester Elm is probably the original U. × hollandica Vegeta, but was often confused with the later Huntingdon Elm hybrid by nineteenth century writers. While its provenance remains obscure, it was most likely named for Chichester Hall, Rawreth, near Danbury, in Essex, England, the home of Thomas Holt-White FRS, brother of the naturalist Gilbert White. Examples of the tree, identified as 'a smooth leaf wych elm' were presented by the Rev.
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Vegeta or Prince Vegeta is a fictional character, villain, anti-hero and later hero in the manga Dragon Ball and anime Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. He is the prince of the near-extinct saiyan race, arch-rival to Son Goku, and a powerful warrior.