Definitions for "Yoko"
Keywords:  sutemi, waza, yoh, koh, sacrifice
yoh-koh) side
Side ( Yoko-Sutemi-Waza = A sacrifice throw with the attacker falling onto his side in order to execute the technique
Yoko is Beulah's final album, released on Velocette Records in 2003. For the album, the band toned down the happy melodic horn tones of their last album, The Coast Is Never Clear, in favor of a darker approach. Given that the band announced their break up before the album's release, the sound seems to be meant to be bittersweet.
Holtkamp variety (Europe). Medium, standard African Violet (4-inch pot size) with frilled, bi-color flowers. Flowers are blue with a white edge. Leaves are medium greeen. Available in the U.S. as Molokai.
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