Definitions for "A.D"
Keywords:  domini, anno, exiguus, dionysius, lord
Latin for "anno domini" or "in the year of our Lord", refering to calendar years. (see also B.C.)
abbreviation of " anno Domini," the year of the Lord; refers to the period of history after the birth of the Messiah (JC)
the abbreviation of anno domini, which means "in the year of our lord"; in measuring time, this means years since the birth of Christ
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ssistant irector.
Assistant Director or Associate Director.
The Assistant Director.
Assistant Director. Second under the Director. Coordinates.
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ante diem. Once used when naming a day in terms of its relation to either the Calends, Nones or Ides in early Roman calendars. Example: "a.d.VI.Kal.Mar." referred to the sixth day before the Calends of March.
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Agility dog.
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Autograph document
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