Definitions for "ACV"
Actual Cash Value. The value of property, based on current replacement cost less depreciation.
Actual cash value. A method for placing value on property as of the time of its loss or damage. ACV may be determined as replacement cost, new, less depreciation. The market value of an item may be used to help determine actual cash value. Contrast with replacement cost.
actual cash value. replacement cost minus depreciation
armored command vehicle
armored combat vehicle
Abbreviation for air cushion vehicle(s), a family of vehicles that travel on a cushion of air. The hovercraft belongs to the ACV family.
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Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, used quite often by loc wearers in the baby loc stage to clean the scalp. Also used by freeform naturals to remove build up from the hair.
Air-control valve. Used to route air from the pump to either the exhaust manifold or to the catalytic converter
ALL COMMODITIES VOLUME. Method of measuring retailer distribution, taking into account the relative importance of an operator. Example: Brand A is distributed in only one store. That store achieves 10 percent of total market sales. ACV distribution of Brand A is therefore 10 percent.
All commodity volume.
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The true dollar amount your car is worth to the dealer.