Definitions for "Appraisal"
A valuation by an authorized person; an appraisement.
The act of estimating the value of something.
An estimated value of an automobile based on general value which is inflenced by market, region, condition of vehicle, mileage and mechanical condition.
A process of continuous monitoring of a trainee focussing on exploring evidence of performance with the aim of helping the trainee to develop - prepares for assessment.
The process of assessing how well a member of staff is carrying out his or her job.
This usually reflects market conditions and determines sales price. An appraisal is sometimes confused with assessment, which is the basis used by local governments to determine your proper taxes. The assessment on your house will usually be much lower than the appraisal.
A review of an employee's performance, especially for purposes of staff development.
Brief review (often within the planning framework) of the SMR and Historic Maps etc, to decide whether a development application has the potential for archaeology. The appraisal may or may not become a condition.
Every project New Deal supports has to develop an 'appraisal' document - which sets out what the project is trying to achieve, how it will work and how long the project lasts for. It's basically another name for a business plan. In most cases you can download project appraisals from the 'Project Summaries' section of this site. If you have any problems, email us at [email protected]
a central concept in the transactional view of stress. The concept focuses attention on the way someone understands the demands the environment is making of him or her. An individual appraises what is at stake and the resources—physical, intellectual, and emotional—he or she has to deal with the demand. Whilst an intuitively attractive approach to understanding stress, appraisal is a fuzzy construct which in practice has been difficult to define and measure.
The process by which people make judgments about the demands of potentially stressful events and their ability to meet those demands.
A rapid reconnaissance of a site and records to establish whether a mineral extraction or other development proposal has known or potential archaeological potential requiring further investigation.
The process of defining objectives, examining options and weighing up the coasts, benefits, risks and uncertainties before a decision is made.
A process that identifies the need for records. It involves analysing the business activities of an organisation to identify what records should be created and how long they need to be kept. Appraisal focuses on the need for records – the needs of the business itself, accountability requirements, and community expectations that certain records will exist or be kept. It examines the interests of stakeholders. (source: website for National Archives)
The resolution of a dispute as to the amount of a claimant's loss by two disinterested parties (the appraisers), with both sides being bound by the appraisers' decision.
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See Records Appraisal (ARMA International).
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HUD● Rate● APR● Interest Only● Recission Period
A Trent internal document which gives sufficient detail at the start of a project to enable initial planning of design, manufacture and erection programme.
A method of determining the amount of loss when a disagreement exists between the insured and the insurance company.
A positive process to provide feedback on the student's performance, chart their continuing progress, and to identify their development needs.
Calculated using a standard formula, the APR shows the cost of a loan; expressed as a yearly interest rate, it includes the interest, points, mortgage insurance, and other fees associated with the loan.
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Escrow Origination Points
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Real Estate Law Book, pg. 359.
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See Performance planning.