Definitions for "evaluator"
For those who choose the portfolio option, the evaluator is a certified teacher who will perform the evaluation. If, in the evaluator's opinion, the child has made "adequate academic progress," then you're OK. According to statute, Superintendent can refuse, but this rerely happens. If it does, you select another, and another, until the Superintendent approves. In practice, it's more trouble than it's worth to refuse you.
An individual involved in all stages of the evaluation process, from defining the terms of reference and collecting and analyzing data to making recommendations and taking corrective action or making improvements.
a person who assembles data and information collected about a teacher, analyzes them, makes judgments as to whether that teacher's performance level meets the pre-specified standards, prepares a summary report, writes recommendations, and may provide feedback to the teacher, directly or through another person. In general, one evaluator determines the overall merit, value, and/or worth of the evaluee. See Assessor, Evaluand, Evaluee.
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Anyone who accepts and executes responsibility for planning, conducting, and reporting student evaluations.
a singleton object which is responsible for the evaluation process during the course of an evolutionary run
A person qualified by education, training, and experience to provide appraisals. also called appraiser.
an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality; an appraiser.
same as appraiser
The person who renders or reports a judgement (conclusion) concerning the performance or work product of an evaluatee against a set of prescribed standards
a cheap way to HIDE the complexity for the average user and provide powerful features for the advanced user
A qualified person in a field relevant to the child's disability who administers specific and individualized assessment for the purpose of special education evaluation and placement. (A.C.R. R7-2-401)
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See interpreter.
an active agent, capable of doing something with a language and a program
a person or group operating at all stages of the evaluation process, i
The person making the evaluation
A person who carries out the land evaluation.