Definitions for "comps"
Keywords:  casino, gamble, perks, reward, hotel
Free perks from the casino in exchange for "action". Common comps include food, lodging, show tickets, and other gifts.
Short for Compensation, comps are rewards that a casino pays you for playing. The casino tracks your play, usually with a plastic member card, and rewards you accordingly, providing you ask for your rewards. They include cash back, free meals, and free rooms. In online casinos comp point are usually in the form of additional cash value credits to your account.
Free drinks authorized by management. (Free drinks not authorized by management are called "theft.")
Appraisal term, short for comparables.
Used for comparative purposes in the appraisal process. Comparables are properties like the property under consideration; they have reasonably the same size, location, and amenities and have recently been sold. Comparables help the appraiser determine the approximate fair market value of the subject property.
Properties used as "comparables" on a CMA.
short for components, refers to any butchered, mined or refined material, as well as trophies and purchased materials used in crafting.
comprehensive exam (written or oral) usually for Master's or Ph.D. students after the completion of all coursework needed for a degree.
comprehensive examination, an examination (written, oral, or both) Master's and Ph.D. students take following completion of all the course work required for the degree
detailed sketches prepared by a graphic artist to show what the finished artwork would look like.
Comprehensive rough, yet detailed drawing to show client what finished art will look like.
Contracted out money purchase scheme. This is an occupational pension scheme where members contract out , and the employer pays a certain amount into the scheme. When the member retires, this amount is used to make sure they get at least as much pension as they would have got from SERPS or the State Second Pension .
In retail, sales at stores which have been open for more than one year. This...
When a real estate agent performs a comparative market analysis to determine how to price a home to be listed for sale, one of the criteria utilized is a list of comparable homes that have recently sold and those that are presently listed for sale. Construction Loan This is short-term financing of real estate construction. It is usually followed by long-term financing called a "take-out loan," issued upon completion of improvements.
Preliminary designs for a graphic or Web presentation.