Definitions for "EVALUATION REPORT"
The report that is compiled and written by the evaluation team (which includes parents) following an evaluation. It contains all of the information gathered from the team members, including the results of assessment. From the report, the evaluation team determines the student's eligibility and need for special education programs.
The end product of an evaluation, the evaluation report must follow a logical structure and meet the needs of the evaluation sponsors and the principal stakeholders. Evaluation reports must include an executive summary of no more than five pages in length. The structure of the expected report is usually specified by the sponsors in the terms of reference. See dissemination, evaluation sponsors, executive summary, reporting, stakeholders, terms of reference.
A formal written document describing detailed information on the investigation and findings of a child's development, strengths and needs. (according to the laboratory work, based on it, knowing it/results, and paper, by it, written report)
a very large document which is analysed by the Agency in detail before approval
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One of the two products of OT&E (the other product is the Tactics Guide).
a description of an individual's international education and a recommendation for its U