Definitions for "briefing"
giving detailed instructions, as for a military operation.
a detailed set of instructions before an operation, given to those who are to execute it.
The time between the end of the Sortie/Waiting Room and the beginning of the Mission/Map session. During this time, pilots quickly discuss tactics and make VT selections and weapon loadout modifications as necessary.
A description of a specific CyberCiege scenario that informs the player of the initial situation and the player's objective.
giving or receiving information in an oral, written, or combined style.
a summary report of an operation or event after it has occurred, by a participant or observer.
a report to a committee on some item of interest to the committee or which may come before the committee at a future date
a summary of information on a particular topic to
An oral presentation where the speaker presents a concise array of facts without inclusion of extensive supporting material.
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See Judgeâ€(tm)s briefing.