Definitions for "Add-On"
Opportunity to buy extra chips in a tournament.
In Multi-Table Tournaments, this is a feature that enables Players to purchases more chips during the tournament.
The opportunity to purchase extra chips during some tournaments, no matter how many chips the player has.
a supplementary component that improves capability
An additional charge to the cruise fare that usually refers to airfare, transfers, or land tours
Additional features and charges, which may consist of additional side trips on a tour package. This is an arbitrary amount to be added to a gateway fare to produce a through fare. For example, an airline that has a New York (gateway) to Madrid fare may have an add-on fare to travel from Philadelphia. You may have to use specific airlines and the add-on fare cannot be used alone. It is also called a proportional fare.
cachet added to a first day cover subsequent to its cancellation.
an MA non-covered service that the provider adds to an MA-covered service
A cachet design added to a cover which was originally uncacheted. An add-on cachet should be identified by maker and date so that it is clear that it is not contemporary with the cover. Unfortunately, many add-ons are not so identified.
Items which are not complete in themselves, and are attached to a capitalized or expensed equipment item. Add-ons are usually assigned a component asset number (2001xxxxxxxC) decal. Add-on parts must have a value of $1500 or more, and increase the value or useful life of a UC-owned equipment item. Also known as components.
Adding purchased sub-system products to the operating system. Purchased sub-system products are also know as SUBSYS products. Modifications to already installed SUBSYS products is called an Update.
In charge accounts, the purchasing of additional merchandise without paying in full for previous purchases.
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a free, solution-based product made by ESRI to enhance the capabilities of its core products
Denotes a commercial package that enhances an existing game (additional levels, race tracks, etc.) or requires an existing game to run (Quake "total conversions", etc.).
A software application that is designed to enhance or expand the capabilities of other software.
a component that is added to something to improve it; "the addition of a bathroom was a major improvement"; "the addition of cinammon improved the flavor"
a disc that primarily promotes something else, such as a store, magazine or cereal
QRK file which consists of usefull data, typically new entities and/or textures.
a half-hour of behind-the-scenes stuff, including rehearsals (at times with an alternate cast, sometimes in street clothes) and observations by the director and singers
an application that is added into an existing FrontPage web, providing additional functionality
a product that piggybacks onto one of your existing products
Introduction of a specific set of benefits and/or set of providers to existing health plan coverage, without requiring re-enrollment of the subscriber population.
A program which provides extra facilities for a WWW browser. Add-ons are also sometimes known as helper applications, especially when dealing with Macintosh computers. Netscape has popularized the alternate term "plug-ins" for helper applications which actually work within a browser rather than alongside it.
Any option added to a car, especially those with high profit margins and little actual value to the customer.
An option, usually at extra cost, added to travel arrangements.
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a DLL or code fragment which is not loaded into the memory, by default
Part of a message added AFTER it was originally taken and "locked in".
More goods bought before old goods are paid for; the contact for the original goods is rewritten to include the new things.
A downloadable addition to the web browser to make surfing more useful, fun or easier.
a piece of code added by external programmers to improve the software
a piece of software that adds new content to an already existing piece of software
Any part of a piece that has been molded separately and then added to the main body of the piece.
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an upgrade that gives you more content
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See peripheral or application.
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an ad-on no matter what it will do
A special device to deal with a functional limitation not optimal to a generic system.
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Services and features that are not included in a hosting package but that may be ordered later for a fee are called add-ons.
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Additional capital raised by the company after the round has closed.