Definitions for "base price"
the initial price of something (goods or services) without the additional charges that may be added, such as handling or shipping charges, sales tax, optional equipment charges, etc.
The base price is the amount that the automobile will cost without any added features or options. The base price is also referred to as “MSRP” or the “sticker price.
The base price is the amount that we keep for each item sold. The amount that you charge over this base price is your profit. Base prices can be found in our Product Center.
The stated value of natural gas (usually at the wellhead) before any imposition of taxes, gathering, compression, or other charges.
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In lists, the amount paid before segment selects, processing charges and shipping costs have been added on. This is usually expressed on a per thousand basis.
The cost per thousand of a list prior to selects.
One hundredth of a percentage point. 50 basis points [50bp] is half a percentage point.