Definitions for "Affidavit of title"
A statement, in writing, made under oath by seller or grantor, acknowledged before a Notary Public in which the affiant identifies himself or herself and affiant's marital status certifying that since the examination of title on the contract date there are no judgments, bankruptcies or divorces, no unrecorded deeds, contracts, unpaid repairs or improvements or defects of title known to affiant and that affiant is in possession of the property.
A sworn statement by the seller of real estate that no defects of title other than those stated in the sales contract or deed exist in the title being conveyed.
A written statement, made under oath by a seller or grantor of real property and acknowledged by a notary public, in which the grantor (I) identifies himself or herself and indicates marital status, (2) certifies that since the examination of the title on the date of the contracts no defects have occurred in the title and (3) certifies that he or she is in possession of the property (if applicable).
A form on which the owner of a property swears that no mechanic's liens, unpaid tax or water bills, or other indebtedness exists at the time of the closing.