Definitions for "AFP"
See AppleTalk Filing Protocol
networking:(AppleTalk File Protocol) A protocol for sharing documents /applications on an AppleTalk network. Users can log into "AFP-compatible" file servers through the AppleShare icon in the Chooser.
AppleTalk File Protocol. Apple's network protocol, used to provide access between file servers and clients in an AppleShare network. AFP is also used by Novell`s products for the Macintosh.
Abbreviation of alphafetaprotein, a protein synthesized by the liver, yolk sac and gastrointestinal tract of the the baby and found in large quantities in the amniotic fluid. When large amounts are found in the maternal bloodstream it can be used as a test for neural tube defects, as spina bifida and anencephaly in the baby.
An extremely important test during pregnancy, it checks for the possibility of Spina bifida, a condition in which there is a problem in the normal development of the spine and brain (neural tube). Using the alpha feto-protein test along with two other enzymes/hormones test will also help to find babies that have Down's syndrome.
Alpha-fetoprotein; non-maternal alphafetoprotein
Immunology Postoperative
Adiabatic fast passage. technique of producing rotation of the macroscopic magnetization vector by sweeping the frequency of an irradiating RF wave (or the strength of the magnetic field) through resonance (the Larmor frequency) in a time short compared to the relaxation times. Particularly used for inversion of the spins. A continuous wave NMR technique.
Administradora de Fondo de Pensiones
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Agence France-Presse
Agence France-Press
Agency France Press
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AM AFP font br font Face arial size - SAO PAULO
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Acute Flaccid Paralysis
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Apgar score
Air Force pamphlet
Air filled porosity, the air capacity of a compost.
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Active FoxPro Pages
Accommodate Finals Preparation a   span class copyright
acronym for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, formerly the National Society of Fundraising Executives.
Association for Financial Professionals, a national association representing corporate treasury professionals. AFP is active in the promotion of standards and conventions related to payments and other financial information exchanges.
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Australian Federal Police
Advertiser Funded Programme – a programme funded by an advertiser rather than by a broadcaster
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Approval for Full Production
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Advanced function printing.
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Alternate Funding Plan