Definitions for "AGC"
AGC increases the signal strength of security cameras when the light level decreases, and puts a cap on it during higher levels; this keeps the output signal consistent.
A circuit in an audio device that automatically, electronically senses the volume level and adjusts it up or down to ensure a proper recording.
Circuitry that automatically adjusts the electronic amplification of the video signal to compensate for varying levels of scene illumination.
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Pittsburgh (Allegheny Co.) PA
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see Absolute Neutrophil Count
Absolute Granulocyte Count
Combined operations communications headquarters ship. In Pacific most frequently used as flagships of amphibious force or group commanders.
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Apollo Guidance Computer
Arkansas Geological Commission
Association of Gold Counsellors
American Greyhound Council, Inc., a non-profit group jointly supported by American Greyhound Track Operators Association members and National Greyhound Association members, the purpose of which is to provide for the health, welfare, and safety of racing greyhounds within the greyhound industry.
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Clear plasti-glass tubes used for fast travel between the floors of the tall City Blocks.
Associated General Contractors, trade organization of general contractors
Associated General Contractors of America
Algorithm to normalise volume regardless of a speaker's position relative to a microphone.