Definitions for "aux"
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An auxilliary output that allow you to send some of the output from specific mixer channels to monitors or effects devices. There are two types--post (post fader) where the level of the signal sent to the Aux changes with the level of the main channel fader--most commonly used to send audio to effects devices, and pre--where the signal level remains constant, whether the fader is up or down--this type is typically used to send signal to monitors, or occasionally to feed a chamber-type echo.
or line] inputs. The jacks on an amp, mixer, deck, or other audio device that is receiving a line input from a similar audio device.
Abbreviation for auxiliary: an output on a sound mixing desk which sends a signal to an exterior unit, such as a signal processor (qv).
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Auxilia (a DBA troop type)
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Auxiliary files are built by LaTeX each time it formats a document. LaTeX writes information about cross references, citations, etc., to the auxiliary file for post-processing by other tools, or for TeX processing the next time this document is formatted.
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Holy Orthodox Church in North America
This project is for the continued development of a digital Jukebox for consumer and later commercial use.
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See: Auxiliary Bus