Definitions for "Aida"
Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This is a traditional model of the purpose and flow of marketing communications and direct sales efforts: 1. Create attention; 2. Generate interest; 3. Develop desire; 4. Initiate action. Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
Awareness; Interest; Decision; Action
a model of selling structured into Attention, Interest, Desire and Action stages. Which means you have to have a great Display to show your best merchandise. And your merchandise should be right for the crowd (traffic), and create their interest.
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Aida is a 1987 Swedish movie, directed by Claes Fellbom. The film is based on Giuseppe Verdi's opera, Aida.
Aida is a 1953 Italian film version of the opera Aida by Giuseppe Verdi. It was directed by Clemente Fracassi and produced by Gregor Rabinovitch and Federico Teti. The screenplay was adapted by Fracassi, Carlo Castelli, Anna Gobbi and Giorgio Salviucci from the libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni.
All Associazione Italiana Dermatologi Ambulatoriali
The most commonly used type of fabric for counted cross-stitch. There are many varieties. Blocks of thread are woven (blockweave) together leaving obvious holes for stitching
A kind of canvas with several strands between each hole, often three. This is also known as Java Canvas, Fancy Oatmeal and Toile Colbert. It is usually made of cotton and it comes in widths of 18" to 54". This is sewn in every hole (one over one) with usually 14 to 18 holes per inch (linear) for cross stitch, but there are also 6 to 20 counts available.
Aida (sometimes spelled Aïda, with a diaeresis) is a chain of 26 espresso bar and pastry shops (Café-Konditorei) in Vienna, Austria. They have a devoted clientele, for whom Aida has achieved near-cult status. Business hours are from early in the morning until the early evening; the shops are open every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day.
The Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis project has as goal to define abstract interfaces for common physics analysis objects, such as histograms, ntuples, fitters, IO etc., to allow for easy exchange and porting of physicist' analysis code. Concrete AIDA implementations exist for a.o. JAS, python, and ROOT. See Also python, ROOT.
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Pururavas son of Ila, an Iksavaku and a rajarsi
The Australasian Intervarsity Debating Association, which oversees the running of the Easter, Australasian and Womens IVs.
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a free service that allows users to interactively simulate the effects of changes in insulin and diet on blood glucose profiles for a typical insulin-dependent diabetic patient (IDDM)
Assistance programme for the dismantling of Russian nuclear weapons AIDA
an innovative and flexible engineering and management service supplier specializing in the design and development of interior and primary composite structures including the related project- and vendor management activities
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Aida (pronounced []) is female given name.
a communication model which can be used by firms to aid them in selling their product or services