Definitions for "Aleph"
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(ah-lef) n. Aleph or Alef. 1st letter of the Hebrew alphabet. A silent (guttural) letter. Originally represented by a pictograph meaning “ox,” “strength,” or “leader.” Gematria value is 1.
first letter of the Hebrew alphabet; numerical value of one.
First letter of the Hebrew alphabet; huge biochip with immensely big storage capacity. Inspired by the short story 'The Aleph' (1945) by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. In the story, the Aleph is described to be 'one of the points in space that contains all other points'.
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The name of the OPAC(online public access catalog) for the LMS (Library Management System) developed by ExLibris. Florida's community colleges are using ALEPH as their libraries' catalogs (See The State University libraries moving to ALEPH within the next two or three years. USF is scheduled to switch to ALEPH summer of 2005. For more on ExLibris and ALEPH, see
a point of the universe that contains all the other points
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