Definitions for "LMS"
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1) This abbrevation commonly refers to a "library management system". The concept of "LMS" incorporates both the OPAC (online public access catalog) and technical services functions. An LMS handles acquisition, serials control, cataloguing, information retrieval, circulation, and other management needs of library collections. Some names of companies supplying LMS systems: Ameritech (Horizon); CGI (Amicus) ; DRA; Ex Libris; Geac; InMagic; Innovative Interfaces (Innopac); SIRSI (Unicorn) 2) "LMS" also commonly refers to "Library & Media Services."
Logistics Management Systems
loop management system
London, Midland & Scottish Railway
London Missionary Society
London Mathematical Society
Language Minority Students. Designates students for whom another language is spoken at home by the student or family member. The term does not indicate students' level of English proficiency or ethnicity.
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See Global Cache Service Processes (LMSn).
A software package that supports the design and deployment of computer-based curriculums, as well the ability to register users in courses and keep records of their progress. Back to top of glossary
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Library Media Specialist
Large-scale mapping system
Line monitoring system.
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Last man standing