Definitions for "Information services"
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An umbrella term for the Computing Service and the Templeman Library. Information Services provide the infrastructure and support to enable all members of the University of Kent to exploit the appropriate information resources, IT and audio visual services.
the department in Main Library where you can go for help with library research.
The activities of libraries and other institutions that provide people with information, but sometimes used to refer to those institutions themselves.
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National companies that preselect a variety of information and make it available to subscribers on line. Nearly all information service companies also provide links to the Internet and, specifically to the WWW.
Department that provide information technology products and services to TVA.
The Information Services facility allows you to request particular information services from your mobile phone such as Lotto results, News, Sports results. This information can be sent by Text Message or WAP.
a division of RIBA Companies Limited, the wholly owned commercial arm of The Royal Institute of British Architects
The functional organisation responsible for developing, maintaining, and operating an organisation's information resources, including databases and information technology.
This refers to the field of computer technology, but has been replaced by the newer and sexier term "IT."
Those activities and outputs which facilitate the use of materials and information and which normally involve interaction between the user and the librarian. (Edwards, S. and M. Browne, "Quality in Information Services: Do Users and Librarians Differ in their Expectations?", p.167)
a list of telephone numbers and Internet addresses of federal agencies and other organizations that provide information and