Definitions for "Oscar"
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An electric 1/4 ton chain hoist that I inherited from Ellen's dad when he died. He had called the thing "Oscar" after his father-in-law, and I continued to use the same name. You can see Oscar in this picture as the yellow thing hanging from the boom just to the left of where the sheet attaches to it.
The dummy thrown overboard to perform "man-overboard!" drills.
Traditionally, the name given to the dummy employed for ship's "Man overboard" drills; the flag hoisted by a ship to indicate a man/woman overboard.
Oscar is a movie from 1967 directed by Édouard Molinaro and starring Louis de Funès. The 1991, Oscar, is a remake of Molinaro's film.
Oscar is a movie from 1991 directed by John Landis and starring Sylvester Stallone. The film is a remake of Oscar from 1967.
an annual award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for achievements in motion picture production and performance
an Academy Award
AKA: Oscars, Academy Awards, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards The term "Oscar" was coined by an anonymous person who remarked that the statue looked like their Uncle Oscar. On the web: Complete List of Winners and Nominees, Official Home Page
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Open Standards for Container/Content Allowing Re-use
a far better feat
Short for "Open System for CommunicAtion in Realtime," the AIM and ICQ protocol.
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1. n. Online Student Computer Assisted Registration 2. n. The online system for class registration, time ticket information, and your current account balance 3. n. Sadistic registration program from hell! 4. n. A fuzzy green muppet 5. n. My baloney has a first name... See: Time Ticket, Shaft, Overload, OIT Related Links: OSCAR
Ohio State Carbonation and Ash Reduction
The Guarini Library's information system which contains the online catalog, circulation information, location of materials, etc. Users can access OSCAR from offices or homes using computer modems.
Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
Acronym describing amateur satellites. A number applies to a specific satellite e.g. OSCAR-16 or AO-16.
OSCAR is an acronym for Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio.
Designator for the letter "O" in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
military phonetic for the letter 'O'
Military phonetic term for the latter O
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derived from the gaelic "os", meaning "deer", combined with "cara", meaning "lover", "oscar" is an english and irish name which means "deer lover".
Oscar(oscara = Deerlover) in Irish mythology was the warrior son of Oisín and a fairy woman called Niamh, who also bore his sister, Plor na m Ban. Oisín, in turn, was the son of the epic hero Fionn mac Cumhail. (Finn Mac Cool).
Single engine Nakajima fighter-bomber
Japanese Army 01 fighter
This is a project to create a native cocoa Programmers Text Editor, code named Oscar. This goal of this project is to create a full blown Obj-C Text Editor that contains many of the features such as extensions and scriptability that BBEdit contains.
The oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) is a large species of cichlid, native to rivers in Venezuela, and along the east coast of South America, down to Paraguay, and typically reaches a maximum size of 38–45 cm (15–18 in).
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OSCAR is a snapshot of the best known methods for building, programming, and using clusters. It consists of a fully integrated and easy to install software bundle designed for high performance cluster computing
Open Source Cluster Application Resources Open Source Cluster Application Resource. By the Open Cluster Group. A cluster-in-a-box package developed to lower the entry barriers into the cluster computing world and to eliminate the need for a cluster expert. OSCAR provides a single CD with a wizard-driven interface to building a cluster. It is designed to provide the most popular and universal cluster software available in open source. At the end of the wizard process, the cluster will be ready to run MPI or PVM jobs using the Portable Batch System (PBS). C3 tools are included for management and ssh for secure transactions.
Special Agent of the Department of Homeland Security who accompanied the Paisley team to New Orleans. He killed Chester Bell there, and was badly wounded by China Doll.
Ultrasonic system for removal of bone cement during hip revision procedures. Mfg: Orthofix - 5/06/97.
The two-dimensional movable manikin used by designers and engineers to represent the size and shape of most drivers or passengers and the limitations of their movements.
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a golden statuette with a red button at its base
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Oscar is a setup of PERL scripts designed to bring a newly installed Linux Workstation, Server or Enterprise Server in line with the Security Technical Implementation Guidelines published by the Defense Information Services Agency.
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Out of School Care and Recreation Subsidy
Oscar is software license key database software. It is able to store hundreds of thousands of serial numbers for anyone to use with any version of a program at a particular time. It uses a special format for storing them, and people update the database using that type of file.