Definitions for "MARC format"
MAchine Readable Cataloguing format. International format for structuring bibliographic items with a view to exchanging catalogue data in machine-readable form.
The format in which the cataloging data, bibliographic and authority records are communicated. Different systems require the data to be in different formats in order for it to be imported.
This is one of three formats used for displaying records on the Library catalogue. MARC means: Ma chine- eadable ataloging. It is an international, standardised format for computerised bibliographic data developed by the Library of Congress. MARC format allows for the simple exchange of bibliographic data by using numerical fields for the various elements of a record. See also: Brief Record and Detailed Record For example - 245 field is the field containing "title" information of the work. Adapted from: J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah, 1999 "Glossary of Common Library Terms", viewed 7 November 2003,