Definitions for "Learning Management System "
Learning Management System allows users to manage online learning classes. It allows them to set up classes, create assignments online, and send messages to students from within the system for tracking. It is a simple system to move academic classes onto the Web in order to reach a larger audience.
Software that automates the administration of training events.
An application, running a server connected to the Internet, that provides a suite of capabilities designed to deliver, track, report on, and administer learning content, student progress, and student interactions. The term LMS can apply to very simple course management systems or highly complex, enterprise-wide Distance Learning (DL) environments. Examples include Blackboard, WebCT and Sun's Enterprise Learning Platform (ELP).
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(voir Système de gestion de l'éducation) Use of computers in order to register learners, schedule learning resources, control and guide learning process, and analyse and report the performance of a learner.