Definitions for "Microworld"
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a concept first defined at the MIT Media Lab Learning and Common Sense Group
a controlled (often computer-based) learning environment where a student is able to try out new skills and knowledge
a learning environment , a "slice" of the world in which conditions for learning are favorable
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an incubator for knowledge
artificial world established by a computer-based simulation
Taken from artificial intelligence research, a small, highly restricted set of objects or ideas that operate in accordance with a limited set of rules.
A computer-based simulation with opportunities for manipulation of content and practice of skills.
a small, but complete, version of some domain of interest
A representation of some well-defined domain, such as Newtonian physics, such that there is a simple mapping between the rules and structures of the microworld and those of the domain.
a computer enaction of businesses and business processes
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an ordered collection of pages