Definitions for "EPSS"
Electronic Performance Support System. A software application that provide performance support. It is linked directly to another application so that when it is accessed, it trains or guides workers through steps they need to complete a task in the target application. More generally, a computer or other device that enables workers to access information or resources to help them achieve a task or performance requirements.
Electronic Performance Support System. Software that helps users perform their jobs more effectively while they work..
ELECTRONIC PROPOSAL SUBMISSION SYSTEM. A Web-based system to prepare and submit proposals for FP6 online. Access is provided via CORDIS (/fp6/dc/fp6/subprop.cfm). This is the preferred method for preparation and submission of proposals as it avoids the problems associated with physical delivery of packages by fixed deadlines.
Electroplated Stainless Steel
Experimental Packet Switched Service. An experimental communications network being developed by the Post Office.