Definitions for "Decision support systems"
business applications that usually contain summaries of large amounts of data, filtered and synthesized particularly to support strategic decision-making. View records related to this term
Computer technologies used in healthcare which allow providers to collect and analyze data in more sophisticated and complex ways. Activities supported include case mix, budgeting, cost accounting, clinical protocols and pathways, outcomes, and actuarial analysis.
"A computer based system that helps the decision maker utilize data and models to solve unstructured problems." (Sprague & Carlson, 1982; quoted after Grimshaw, p.97)
Software systems designed to pull together information for managers to facilitate decisions. Increasingly, applications are not simply designed to automate a process, but to provide managers with ongoing information about the process so they can make more timely and accurate decisions.
Computer software programs designed to assist diagnostic and treatment decisions. Examples include drug alert notification systems, prompts to implement practice guidelines, and health risk appraisals.