Definitions for "Alerts"
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Yahoo! Auctions alerts notify you when a new auction is posted that matches your interests. Track specific categories, favorite sellers, or search for your selected keywords across all categories. When a new item matches your interest, you will receive an email with the details of the auction. You must be signed in to create your alerts. Learn how to set up your alerts.
Customized text messages sent to your wireless device, on subjects you choose, such as weather, horoscopes, news & sports. Personalized from the Alerts tab located on
Targeted intervention of persons, goods and craft considered to pose a risk to border or revenue related issues.
A notification from an event that has exceeded a pre-defined threshold.
automated notification of receipt of reports regarding particular entities
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a custom Forex Forecast System FxPA
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A search strategy that is run on a regular basis (often just after a database update) in which results are mailed or e-mailed. Syn. SDI, Profile
a table which indicates the positions of the satellites in view to an observer on the earth's surface at a designated location and time
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Does the system alert you to problems