Definitions for "Mail Relay"
Often referred to as an e-mail server, a device and/or program that routes an e-mail to the correct destination. Mail relays are typically used within local networks to transmit e-mails among local users. Mail relays are particularly useful in e-mail aliasing where multiple e-mail addresses are used but the mail relay forwards all messages to the specified e-mail addresses to one single address.
a host that accepts mail and forwards this mail to the receivers mailbox
a server, normally on the Internet, which can forward mail from its users to other mail servers
a system that allows other systems to send email through it
The process of sending a message from one point to another through an intermediary. Any mail server that supports this should have some kind of filter system in place to avoid unauthorized use by spammers. Mail servers without this protection are open to hijacking.
an internet process equipped to store an MTP message for subsequent transmission