Definitions for "Forwarding"
The process of sending a packet toward its destination using a networking device.
The act that occurs when an MTA sends a message delivered to a particular account to one or more new destinations as specified by the account's attributes. Forwarding may be configurable by the user. See also routing.
To ensure and facilitate the passage of goods from an origin to a destination.
The process of putting a book into its cover, and making it ready for the finisher.
In the case book arena, the binding process which involves folding, rounding, backing, headbanding and reinforcing.
The process of analyzing an incoming EAS message to an EAS 911 encoder/decoder to check for validity and then to retransmit the same message
The process of executing the despatch of consignments and the consolidation of reporting and recording related to these shipments including their transport and, in the case of international transport, notifying the national body administering exports.
The operation of moving timber products from the stump to a landing for further transport.
The act of carrying logs off the ground from stump to landing.
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The process of transferring a packet from an input to an output via either a switch or a router.
Forwarding or routing a call means that the call coming in at the carrier's switch will be routed to another number, even in another country. For this routing costs are billed to the initiator of the forwarding.
The process of moving frames from one port to another in a switching hub.
Various tasks such as sewing, trimming, preparing and attaching boards, fitting leather, that complete the functional but undecorated text.
The act of one who forwards; the act or occupation of transmitting merchandise or other property for others.
The referral or placement of out of town clients by a collection agency with an attorney who acts on behalf of the creditor.
to provide the result of the previous instruction immediately to the current instruction, before the result is written to the register file. Also called bypass. [SILC99
the advancement of some enterprise; "his experience in marketing resulted in the forwarding of his career"