Definitions for "Catch All"
A catch-all email address receives all messages sent to non-existent users on a domain. If someone ever mis-types your email address, or sends an email to an address at your domain that doesn't exist, it will go to your catch-all account instead, which is usually your main email account.
A program allowing any email sent to the domain to go to a particular email address. So email sent to a misspelled or unused username is still received.
Normally, any emails addressed to your domain name to users who do not exist are bounced back to the sender as \"message undeliverable.\" This may be how you want your account set up. However, with the catch-all email feature, any incoming emails addressed to a username does not exist can be forwarded to another email address that you specify. Therefore, if you set up the catch-all email feature, you will receive ALL incoming email, regardless of whom they were sent to.