Definitions for "Queuing"
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delay Amount of time that data must wait before it can be transmitted onto a statistically multiplexed physical circuit.
Holding an incoming call until the resources become available to connect the call. D (Queuing Delay). The delay imposed on a cell due to the unavailability of resources to provide the connection the subscriber desires. This can be caused by congestion or the connection of a higher priority service using the available resources.
The process of delaying packets until a bandwidth-related condition is met.
Sequencing of batch data sessions.
Queuing is the method by which jobs are ordered to access some computer resource. Typically the batch manager will place a job the queue. A particular compute resource could possibly have more than one queue, for example queues could be set up for sequential and parallel jobs or short and long job runs.
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A feature that allows users to to schedule faxes to be sent at a designated time such as late at night when phone calls are cheaper. Some fax devices have the capability to prioritize faxes which allows the user the ability to jump in line with an urgent fax.
The process of entering elements into or removing elements from a queue.
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See message queuing.