Definitions for "Sequencing"
Putting things or events in order
identifying the order of nucleotides in DNA
Challenges, tools, and techniques for determining the sequences of genes and chromosomes. · 83 terms
a basic but fundamental tool to the myriad services that we offer
a good tool in establishing relationships among plants but there are lots of things to take into account
a powerful new tool that allows microbiologists to construct bacterial phylogenies
Sometimes mapping and sequencing are completely separate processes. (IOCeleraGenome) Seqüenciamento Seu centro de seqüenciamento, o quinto maior do mundo, é um importante pilar ... (POFapesp2)
A five-step process outlined in the WCA that evaluates the necessity of a projects impact on a wetland.
A term used in wetlands regulations to define a process that involves avoiding, minimizing, and mitigating impacts.
a key technique in molecular diagnostics, but to date no comprehensive methodologic external quality assessment (EQA) programs have been instituted
an effective means for the identification of aerobic gram-positive rods which are difficult to identify by conventional techniques, and (ii) molecular identification procedures are not required for isolates well identified by phenotypic investigations
Reading, listening, expressing thoughts, describing events or contracting muscles in an orderly and meaningful manner.
Orderly and predictable behavior.
A control arrangement in which several actuators move through their strokes in succession as the signal from the controller changes. This arrangement is derived by using actuators with different spring ranges, end switches, rotating switches, or by using a pneumatic relay.
a printing technique whereby different pixels are printed in alternating print strokes. The rheology of the ink means that the same amount of ink laid down in set patterns can significantly alter the shape of the printed feature.
A method of efficiently placing aircraft safely into a line of smoothly flowing air traffic.
a degradative method
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A service of the SCCP that preserves the sequence of Network Service Data Units.
Scheduling in a way that assures that starting projects do not overload the drum resource.
A act of recording digitally and manipulating the MIDI information required to remotely play a synthesizer keyboard or similar device.
a labour intensive and expensive proposition if many different related organisms are to be studied
a more stressful affair than one might initially suppose
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an activity that could have been invented by Mr
a detailed test that can be performed in the laboratory to detect very small changes in a gene
a science/technology which is limited by hardware