Definitions for "Synthesizer"
A piece of equipment that uses FM (Frequency Modulation), sampling, or waveguiding technology to produce a sound pattern.
A device that can electronically generate sound, either music or voice, from digital information.
A device that produces sound from digital instructions rather than from recorded sound.
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Syquest System Bus
a generic concept where text to speech output can be accomplished by feeding the required phonemes of the language to the generic speech engine
a signal generator that delivers superior value with exceptional performance at a reasonable cost
One who unites separate ideas, elements or concepts into something new.
an intellectual who synthesizes or uses synthetic methods
the device that produces and controls frequencies through synthetic results
A computer program that allows an engineer to specify the logic operations that a design is expected to perform. The synthesizer extracts the equivalent logic circuit functions from a library and connects them together as specified by the engineer to form a complete circuit.