Definitions for "clones"
an efficient method for identifying genes involved in Xenopus neurogenesis
an efficient method to identify gene function in Xenopus neurogenesis
an exact replica of an object
Two or more individuals with identical genetic material. Human clones occur naturally in the form of "identical twins." Though twins begin life with the same genetic material they, nevertheless, develop distinct physical differences (fingerprints, for example). Furthermore, they become fully unique individuals with distinct personalities as a result of their different experiences and independent choices. An individual conceived by somatic cell nuclear transfer would be at least as different from his or her progenitor as natural twins.
Genetically identical.
organisms or cells which, because they have a single common parent, have identical genetic make-up
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any group of gay men or lesbians who dress alike and do similar things, such as Castro clones or flannel-shirt dykes
CLONES is a Lemmings-like internet multiplayer game available for the Windows platform. It features little gray creatures named clones to which you can assign an action in real-time.
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Clones is an IRC client which is used to test IRC servers under extreme conditions. It establishes multiple connections to a server and can be very harmful if it is abused, so if you don't have your own IRC server you're definitely wrong here.
an invaluable resource to the entire research community
A subset of a grape variety (Cabernet, etc.). We choose a particular clone for its flavor profile.
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A group of cells derived from a single ancestor.
an important step in collecting the data necessary to take this next step
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Central Location ON-line Entry System