Definitions for "Automatic Call Distribution"
Keywords:  acd, workload, pbx, hunt, queue
Automatic Call Distribution is a system that automatically distributes incoming telephone to specific telephone sets or stations calls based on the characteristics of the call. These characteristics can include an incoming phone number or options selected by a caller using an interactive voice response (IVR) system. ACD is the process of management and control of incoming calls so that the calls are distributed evenly to attendant positions. Calls are served in the approximate order of their arrival and are routed to service positions as positions become available for handling calls. Key Telephone System
Automatic Call Distribution intelligently handles and routes incoming calls based on business-specific criteria, such as next available employee, specific skill set, workload, group, geography, and more.
A service that allows incoming calls directed to the same dialed number to be routed to one of multiple agents, all of whom can provide the same service to the calling party and are assigned to the same ACD group. Automatic call distribution enables the efficient distribution of a high volume of incoming calls, by directing each call to the first available agent. The common dialed number is often referred to as the ACD pilot number.