Definitions for "Auto Attendant"
Keywords:  caller, ivr, acd, pbx, greeting
Specialized automated system which answers incoming calls with a programmed greeting, then gives the caller a menu of choices for further distribution of the call. When the caller chooses from the menu, s/he is automatically transferred to the appropriate phone number or information greeting.
A dvice or a feature of soe PBX's and phone systems that answers a call and lets the caller route their call to a specific extension or group. No human intervention is required.
A device connected to a PBX that answers calls when they come in. Typically, an auto attendant offers the caller options to press a corresponding key (e.g., 0 for an operator, 1 for sales, 2 for support).
Keywords:  properly, know, complex, tool, powerful
a powerful tool, but can be very complex to program and know it is working properly