Definitions for "Hotline"
A Subscriber can be assigned one of 5 different hotline destinations. When the receiver of a hotline set is picked up, the programmed hotline destination number is dialled automatically. This may be an internal or an external telephone number.
Line serving two telephone sets exclusively, on which one set will ring immediately when the receiver of the other set is lifted.
Description for telephone-based customer or information services.
a confidential information and referral line that directs callers to cocaine abuse treatment centers in the local community
Call 2455 to report unethical or unlawful use of the university computing system.
The State Auditor's Hotline (1-800-730-8477 [730-TIPS]) is maintained 24 hours a day for citizens to report suspected cases of fraud, waste or abuse in state government. Those reports can be reported anonymously or by email at [email protected] Immaterial Something in financial statements that will not change decisions of financial statement users.
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Hotline is the seventh album by American rock band J. Geils Band.
a listserv, or an electronic mailing list, which allows subscribers to send an e-mail message to other subscribers on the list by posting messages through WSRA's website
Records recently added to a list.
Names on a list which have had a very recent transaction with the company owning the list (generally no older than three months although no universally accept time frame exists).
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(ADN) Allows users to establish an immediate non-dialed connection between two stations through a pre-programmed key.
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a great way to go