Definitions for "Call barring"
This is a network facility that can be accessed through most handsets providing the ability to restrict incoming or outgoing calls. There are different options consumers can select for call restrictions on their phones for example, local calls only, long distance barring, overseas barring, incoming calls only.
A facility enabling the customer to program a standard telephone line so that out-going calls to certain numbers, for example international or premium rate services, cannot be made.
A feature which allows the user to stop either outgoing or incoming calls. To activate call barring please contact The Carphone Warehouse Customer Services team.
Specifying numbers or ranges which cannot be dialled (e.g. overseas or premium rate numbers)
specified numbers or ranges which cannot be dialled
pecified numbers or ranges which cannot be dialled.
A wonderful feature which lets you stop yourself from calling certain numbers - like your ex at 3am for example, or those nasty expensive 1900 numbers, or preventing your children (or you) making calls to their mates in Timbuktu or other faraway places.
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