Definitions for "UCD"
Uniform Call Distribution: In a group of extension s the phone that has not had a call for the longest time rings next.
Uniform call distributors. Telephone systems that distribute incoming calls according to a preprogrammed pattern.
A device for distributing many incoming calls uniformly among a group of agents. Generally less intelligent and less costly than an ACD. A UCD will distribute calls following a predetermined logic, for example "top down" or "round robin." It is typically unable to route calls based on real-time traffic load, or which agent has been busiest or idle the longest.
Unmanned Combat Demo
Unmanned Combat Demonstration
The Unregistered Community design
User Centered Design. How to make it really work for users. UCD is a design methodology focusing on how real users will use systems to do real, useful work. Users are observed before design, in testing design ideas before implementation, and in evaluating and shaping the implementation through many iterative cycles, until the system works well for them. This is the methodology we plan to use for the AUI.
User Centered Design. User-centered design (UCD) is a modern, widely practiced design philosophy rooted in the idea that users must take center-stage in the design of any computer system. Users, designers, and technical practitioners work together to articulate the wants, needs, and limitations of the user and create a system that addresses these elements. Often, user-centered design projects are informed by ethnographic studies of the environments in which users will be interacting with the system
Unemployment Compensation Directive
See Unemployment Compensation Disability Insurance.
University of California, Davis
University College Dublin, now part of the National University of Ireland
Upstream Channel Descriptor. The MAC Management Message used to communicate the characteristics of the upstream physical layer to the cable modems.