Definitions for "Directive"
A written instruction communicating policy and/or procedure in the form of orders, regulations, bulletins, circulars, handbooks, manuals, notices, numbered memorandums, and similar issuances.
A type of comment that provides instructions and information to the compiler.
A Prolog term that affects the interpretation of Prolog code. Directives are represented using the prefix operator. entity directive A directive that affects how Logtalk entities (objects, protocols, or categories) are used or compiled. predicate directive A directive that affects how predicates are called or compiled. source file directive A directive that affects how a source file is compiled.
A directive is a setting that may be placed in the interpreter's configuration file.
The name of a configurable command processor option and the value assigned to it. All directives may be stored in an Initialization File. Most directives may also be effectuated using the OPTION command. See also: initialization file.
a preprocessor command.
An EU ruling that is binding on member states as to the result to be achieved within a stated period. How the result is achieved is decided by the member states themselves
a form of order to Member States to implement national legislation to achieve a specific result
a guideline that must be implemented by individual legislation within the countries of the European Union
A FunnelWeb special sequence or cooperating group of special sequences that do not form part of a macro definition. A directive can take the form of a pragma.
Special directions on specific cards. Directives on a card supersede general rules.
an interpretation of the Hyde Amendment mandates as reconciled with the competing interests within the Medicaid statute
a pronouncement encouraging or banning some activity; "the boss loves to send us directives"
A guideline which encourages persons to take a specific action.
a line that starts with a keyword (preceeded onlly by white space) which is followed by the keyword's value
Directives are procedures laid down by legislatory bodies.
a written communication that prescribes or establishes policy, organization, methods, procedures, requirements, guidelines, or delegations of authority
showing the way by conducting or leading; imposing direction on; "felt his mother's directing arm around him"; "the directional role of science on industrial progress"
an important step forward in achieving sustainable development in the EU and gives the public more influence on decisions affecting the environment
A new requirement that’s imposed by management, government, or some external influence.
an instrument that relates to the internal policy of government made or approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, Treasury Board or Minister of Finance. 1.4.1
A directive is a goal preceded by the prefix operator `:-', whose intuitive meaning is “execute this as a query, but do not print out any variable bindings.
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A directive is the code in an application that tells the application to perform a specific function.
a series of character codes strung together
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See also "Order."
a general order issued by an authority
an order from the Board to do or cease doing an act
a form of written guidance on the tax laws issued by a Division in Tax Administration
A letter officially directing the custodial bank to release funds for a buy to an account, or to accept funds for a sale.
A directive is used to define an attribute of the HTTP Server or how the HTTP Server operates. See Fundamental directive, context, and server area concepts on HTTP Server (powered by Apache) for additional information.
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a table entry that notes how you want to handle a general aspect of a group of Web pages, such as the background color
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Having power to direct; tending to direct, guide, or govern; showing the way.
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Able to be directed; manageable.
a set of changes you specify for an existing, named object definition
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a user-defined name-value pair
a Federal program change requiring State response