Definitions for "Quality of Service"
Refers to the ability of a network to deliver end to end services for network applications with a defined and requested level of delay, jitter, data loss and bandwidth.
The collective effect of a propagation medium, in which a wave propagates without artificial guide, to transmit a signal within the given tolerances. Note: The given tolerances may apply to variations in signal level, noise, interference levels, etc. (Rec.E.800) source: ITU-T M.60 domain: Performance acronyms: QoS usage: EU-P308 EU-P103
A measure of a carrier's service to a consumer
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A set of quality assurance standards and mechanisms for data transmission, implemented in Windows 2000.
A subjective rating of telephone communications quality in which listeners judge transmissions by qualifiers, such as excellent, good, fair, poor, or unsatisfactory.
The performance specification of a communications channel or system.
the performance limits you set for a server instance, virtual server class, or virtual server.
Term for the set of parameters and their values which determine the performance of a given virtual circuit. QuickTime -- Video file format developed by Apple computer.