Definitions for "SSP"
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Sipah-I-Sahaba/Pakistan based in Pakistan
Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan
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1. Silicon Switch Processor. High-performance silicon switch for Cisco 7000 series routers that provides distributed processing and control for interface processors. The SSP leverages the high-speed switching and routing capabilities of the SSE to dramatically increase aggregate router performance, minimizing performance bottlenecks at the interface points between the router and a high-speed backbone. See also silicon switching and SSE. 2. Switch-to-Switch Protocol. Protocol specified in the DLSw standard that routers use to establish DLSw connections, locate resources, forward data, and handle flow control and error recovery. See also DLSw.
Signal Switching Point. SSPs are points within the signaling system number 7 (SS7) network that terminate SS7 signaling links and also originate, terminate, or tandem switch calls.
Service Switching Point
STORMWATER SYSTEM PLANNER. is a sophisticated software package that combines data management with stormwater models. A specially modified version of SSP has been utilized for TSMS to: (1) input and manage data-base files, including preprocessing information for the hydrologic model; (2) calculate system flows; (3) prepare reports and analyses; and (4) prepare graphical presentations, including interfacing with AutoCad. Modifications made to the SSP for the TSMS include the incorporation of HEC-1 as a rainfall/runoff model.
Support Services Planner, an agency worker who determines whether applicants qualify for services such as food stamps, Medicaid, child care subsidies, and Emergency Assistance.
Statutory Sick Pay. This is a sick-leave payment that all employees are legally entitled to. It is part of a social security payment but is handled by the employer (using payroll software.) Statutory Maternity Pay works in the same way.
Statutory sick pay. An employer must pay SSP to any employee who is away from work after the first four days, up to 28 weeks.
An employer is obliged under the Social Security Act 1992 to pay Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for the first 28 months of absence if the employee has been incapacitated for four or more working days. Employees self-certify for the first seven days of absence but thereafter a Continuation Form should be sought from the employee's General Practitioner. Statutory Sick Pay can generally be recovered by an employer through deductions from National Insurance Contributions.
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Shaadi Se Pehle
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Sistema de Suministro Permanente
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Total Steady State Points Time
Syncrude Sweet Premium. A new product that is expected to be introduced with the startup of Syncrude's Stage 3 project; the quality of the distillate cuts will improve with lower sulphur and nitrogen levels as well as higher diesel cetane numbers and kerosene smoke points.
Refers to a Sub-satellite Point.
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Service Supplier Partner (NSA)
Select Service Partner
Service System Provider (Supplies service for energy supply, care, alarm surveillance, telecommunications, news etc.)
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Sardar Sarovar Project
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Scottish Socialist Party
Senior Superintendent of Police
Species Survival Plan - plan developed by AZA to enhance and preserve genetic variability of species maintained in captivity
Source Selection Plan
Ship Security Plan.
Sound speed profile. The sound speed profile (SSP) is a graphic representation of the sound speed versus depth of the ocean. These profiles vary with latitude, season, and time of day.
Simple Scalable Profile
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Single Super-Phosphate
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State Supplemental Payment
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Strategic Systems Program
System Sell Price. The price paid in the Balancing Mechanism by a party that has produced more electricity than it had customers to buy. Prices are very volatile and often negative, meaning that a payment would need to be made to dispose of the unwanted electricity produced.
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signaling service point
Straight-Line Signal Path
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Specific Safety Procedure
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See security support provider.