Definitions for "Service Control Point"
Keywords:  scp, intelligent, sigtran, sdp, stp
(1) Special computers that manage call processing; stores and sends instructions to communications network switches to provide specific services. (2) SS7 network component.
An entity in the Intelligent Network that implements a Service Control Function . A function or entity in the telecommunications network which has access to data and logic for controlling the processing of a Call in order to provide a supplementary service. source: ITU-T Q.9/1290 domain: Intelligent Network acronyms: SCP usage: EU-P201 EU-P308
The node in the common channel signaling network to which informational requests for service handling, such as routing, are directed and processed. The SCP is a real time database system that, based on a query from a service switching point (SSP) and via a signaling transfer point (STP), performs subscriber or application-specific service logic; then sends instructions back to the service switching point on how to continue call processing.
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The database for SS7 tables.