Definitions for "rfs "
rfs is a shell script for creating and updating a local spare system disk. The main goal is to recover a working system after a crash quickly. In this case, "quickly" means the time it takes to reboot the machine. rfs stands for "replication of filesystems". Like rsyncbackup, rfs is built on top of rsync.
Reference specific (Rfs) status of a part or assembly when referenced from the project library.
Renewable Fuels Standard. Part of proposed federal energy legislation that would set a minimum number of gallons of renewable fuels to be used in the nation’s transportation fuel supply each year. The RFS would include fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel (soy diesel).
Request for Services
Rural Fire Service
Retail Financial Services
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Règle fondamentale de sûret
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Remote File Sharing. Permits multivendor access to data on remote machines.
Remote File Service
Remote file System. A distributed file system, similar to NFS, developed by AT&T and distributed with their UNIX System V operating system. RIP Routing Information Protocol. A protocol used to exchange routing information among a set of computers connected by a LAN.
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Refreshed Frame Store (readout mode of EPIC MOS)
Relapse Free Survival Time from diagnosis to relapse of disease.
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Regional Flight Surgeon
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Registered For Sale
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Right of First Selection